Winter Solstice

The Winter Solictice has passed and the days will now be getting longer. We have both managed to recover from our sniffles and sneezes but the cold weather continues. It has been a heat wave the past few days with temperatures reaching 8 degrees C, 3 days in a row! It takes great skill to get off the marina in the morning, thankfully I can call on my memory bank and the times in my youth when I had Ice Skated. But Alan has a bit more trouble!! We are still on track to go around to Port Davey in a few weeks but for now we’re babysitting several boats and cars owned by other liveaboards at the marina.

After several weeks of waiting we have received our dual purpose footstool / extra seat at the table. It matches perfectly with the leather on the couches and the timber throughout the boat. When not in use it tucks in around the leg of the table. We ordered this from a Hobart furniture store.

Last Wednesday as I climbed the stairs to get our morning cuppa I glanced through the rear door and saw that it had snowed throughout the night and the sun was shining bright on the fresh snow. WOW! This is one of the bonuses to being here for the winter!

Note the snow line that is the road up to the peak and lookout!

It was only 3 days later as the sun was rising, the spectacular show of colours in the sky highlighted the mountain and not a drop of snow was to be found! The boats either side of us stay at their berths but the sky and scenery around us changes constantly.

This is the first time in the past 4 years that we have spent almost 5 weeks in one spot!!!

Saturday 13th we left early in the morning for the drive to Launceston for Beth (Alans’ sister) Surprise 60th Birthday Party. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive 192 klm from the marina to The Metz Hotel where we joined 45+ friends and family to see the surprised look on Beth’s face as she came through the door.

From Left – Mum, Ruth, Norma, Lexie, and Beth (Gaye – absent)

On the trip home the weather closed in and by the time we drove past Tunbridge the rain was falling steadily. We arrived back at 5.30 in darkness and still raining.

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