Up the New South Wales Coast!

200 nautical mile and 30 hours at sea, we arrived!

The treacherous Bass Strait waters stayed calm for the remainder of our crossing and as the morning sun rose we were off Green Cape Lighthouse, we maintained our 3 hour watches throughout the night and as we entered Two Fold Bay and headed to the township of Eden we past 20+ small fishing boats all milling around the reef trying to catch their quota of fish!

The VMR Eden were very welcoming and directed us to the western public wharf where the fisherman tie to. “tie anywhere there is a space” we were told “But, if the fisherman returns you will have to move!!” and we only just got tied up and the stories started! ” The fisho will be back in 20mins and he’s not happy, when someone takes his spot!” This went on and on . . .and by the time we left – 1 1/2 hours later we are sure that 12 blokes had told us this story!! So we moved, milled around in the bay before heading south to the limited comfort and shelter of East Boyd Bay, behind the very long disused naval wharf and adjacent to the large woodchip mill and loading facility. The roll coming in the bay had us deploying the paravanes very quickly, but as there was a forecast heavy SW change coming through later that evening we thought the roll would eventually stop. At 2am the 40 – 45 knt South Westerly hit and woke usbut we held fast, unlike another yacht that dragged anchor and then had to reanchor with the normal amount of yelling at each other! Funny how you can’t hear each other but everyone else can hear you clearly!!! The wind blew most of the night but when we rose at 8am it was a perfect calm sunny morning.

We were lucky to catch up with some friends whilst in Eden and also got the buildup of washing done, even though with the strong winds this meant threading everything onto rope and stringing it between the shrouds of the paravanes.

Wednesday 24th – Happy Birthday Brendon!! Today we left Eden at 0330 hrs in darkness and headed north, currently at 0900hrs we are abeam of Bermagui and have perfect conditions for a Nordhavn, 3knts from the west, a 2 knot current heading north 1600rpm @ 8knts SOG and flat seas and sunshine. What more can you ask for!! Our ETA into Batemans Bay is 1500hrs (3pm) today.

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