The Soup Cruise Cruise,or Windswept Cruise, we can’t decide???

Finally I have managed to get the story of our cruise online . . . head to the website and go to 2009 page, its all there, more photos will be appearing daily.

And now just a few things from the past weeks!

12th September Saturday

The first weekend back was close to the opening of the Trout fishing season and Alan took the opportunity to go with Tony up to the Lake Catagunya, a 1 hour and 45 min drive from Hobart. It was an all day trip and after launching the boat they fished for 5hrs. The score at the end of the day was Alan 8 brown trout and Tony, Nil, Zero, Zilch!! And Alan won’t let him forget it for a while!

3rd October Saturday -The Opening of the 2009/10 Sailing Season

The day started out overcast and a little bleak, the marina came alive with people all heading to their boats with lots of grog and platters. We were still undecided at 1.30 pm but Eva really wanted to go out and their boat was still out of action so we threw the lines and left the pen, the sun came out and we lined up with the other power boats from all the clubs on the Derwent River.

2th October Monday

Now several weeks down the track the treatment is working well and I am feeling enormously better, until the next low pressure system comes across. We have under taken a health kick to get some fitness back after the sedentary life at Port Davey. We have been helping Duncan with his work on the boat and organizing to have Opal Lady’s hull antifouled, the bow thruster fixed and the zincs replaced.

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