The Pigsties to South Cape.

12th August

After a sleepless night, you never sleep well when you know you have to get up, the alarm finally went off at 4am. It didn’t take long for the motor, kettle and generator (so the aircon could warm up the boat) went on. Tea and toast was made and as the final engine room checks were made and the anchor pulled up. Thank heavens for the High water pressure hose as the chain and anchor was caked with thick heavy mud. Navigating back in the dark through the narrow passage between Shag Rock and the point was a little nervy as it is only 150m wide and the chartplotter has us running over the top of it when we came in last night. As LeMaris did not have their chartplotter set to track they hung back and followed us out. The Sou Easterly swell was running right into the bay and as the seafloor came up the swell increased to 3-4m but as we ventured further out the swell reduced to 2-3m. The motor was running at 1100 rpm and we were making 3knts SOG. Once we rounded Whale Head Light we turned west and had the wind on our stern. The engine was increased to 1800rpm and with the added wind and waves behind us pushing our speed to 7 -7.5 knts.

We have 30-35knts Easterly wind and we are abeam of South East Cape, the southernmost tip of Australia. 43* 38. 7144S, 146*49. 5182E.

ETA at Port Davey 1600hrs or 4pm!

Yes we still have internet!

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