Opal Lady leaves Lake Macquarie!

T’was a overcast day, wind SSE 20- 22 knts and we did a big sweep of Belmont Bay before heading for the channel. A sweeping turn took us into the channel and watching the depth sounder I progressed toward the bridge. It took a bit longer as the tide was running in at 1.5 knts, we only touched the bottom once off Swan Bay. Awaiting to wave goodbye was Roger and Shirley and also Mum and Dad, all with cameras in hand. Alan made a cuppa and then it was time to go through the bridge at full speed to make sure none of the paravains got near the bridge. Once out past the heads we settled down and Alan was snoozing off, it’s been a very hectic few days, he slept til 1pm and then I swapped him for the rest of the afternoon. The 3m swell and .5 m waves plus a head wind did nothing to alter Opal Lady’s first fully laden trip to sea. She performed well and we had a very comfortable trip south. We arrived in Coasters Retreat at 5.30pm and are now going to sit back for the evening. Yesterday we loaded all our gear onto the boat that had been in our storage shed, tons if you ask Alan!! Tomorrow is Australia Day!

2 thoughts on “Opal Lady leaves Lake Macquarie!”

  1. Congratulations to you both on the start of your journey. We wish you smooth sailing & a safe journey. We will keep reading with interest. Stephen & Deb Haigh

  2. davoa@telstra.com

    Hi U2

    Sounds like you are having a good trip. The Opal Lady is something else. Its lovely, but will stick with the ocean liners. Will let you know how the cruise goes. It may be the one and only we go on. May stick to flying. Wishing you a safe sail. Take care
    Talk soon. lots of love

    Liz xxx

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