More Crays! November Update.

Our Monday Nights were taken up with the Sea Safety Survival Course which thankfully ended on 9/11. The course was aimed at Sydney to Hobart Ocean RACERS with a crew of 10+ not a 2 Person crew of cruisers on a Nordhavn!! We played the game and passed with flying colours.

Throughout the weeks we have had a few great days and have taken advantage of some fine weather to walk through the historic streets of Battery Point and Sandy Bay, some of the oldest areas of Hobart. The front yards of the homes are bursting with a variety of flowers that we have been watching through various stages of flowering. There are many varieties and colours of Roses and Carnations as well as lots of flowers that we have no idea what they are called, but they look very pretty!!

The beginning of November always means “the race that stops the nation” and The Melbourne Cup is run and won!! And with it parties all round. To celebrate we organised a Tails and Tiaras party here at the marina with 4 boats, Lemaris, MaaMalni, Westwind and Opal Lady. The accessory budget was $5! (For the girls). All in the name of fun! I organised the sweep, didn’t draw it! BUT did win 1st and 2nd and my 3rd horse was the one that was scratched!! What Luck!

The fine weather was still around and we took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning before we were lifted out of the water by a Travellift so the bowthruster could be adjusted, the starboard propeller had not be seated correctly and left us listening to a banging within the hull when the water was moving past it. She also got a clean bum! We were able to stay onboard for the 4 days as it provided us with better security and we were onsite early for the arrival of the workmen. All clean and adjusted we were graciously lifted back into the water late Friday afternoon and with an added knot of speed we glided back to our pen at RYCT.

The weekend bought another developing low pressure system and as the barometer plummeted so did my health and I spent the next 4 days snuggled in bed trying to stop the cabin spinning!

We had a great time with Richard and Tina, friends of friends that we met at Lizard Island a couple of years ago, we picked them up from Dover Wharf just after we had put the Cray Pots down and headed to Rabbit Island to meet up with Lemaris, Eva and Duncan. Alan and Duncan rowed ashore to harvest the Oyster entree whilst Tina and Richard enjoyed the view from the foredeck. All six of us enjoyed a Roast Pork Dinner and a few bottles of vino followed by a peaceful nights sleep.

We woke to a perfectly normal Tassie morn, drizzly rain! After a leisurely breakfast of Bacon, eggs and tomatoes we picked Eva and Duncan up for the craypot retrieval, 6nm south of the Port Esperance south headland. We did deploy the paravanes to stop us rolling whilst picking the pots up as the Trac Stabilisers don’t work when the boat is stopped. Tina took the role of chief photographer and managed to take photos and stay out of the way of the boys. The score was Pot 1, 2; Pot 2, 3; and Pot 3, 0! Enough for a feast! We headed back on a high to drop Richard and Tina back at the Dover wharf with the promise of a Cray Feast tomorrow night back at the marina.

Whilst they meandered back to Hobart they stopped and took a few distant photos of us underway.

We anchored for the night at Snug Bay, near the town of Margate ready for an early start back to the marina the next morning to avoid the 40+ winds forecast.

Our Seafood banquet consisted of freshly shucked oysters, our own Crayfish, smoked salmon and prawns. Alan has become very proficient at schucking! I made a hot potato salad and Eva came armed with a tossed salad. Alan even showed us some culinary flare by making a Walnut and Banana Salad. Washed down with several bottles of wine and a Lemon Cheesecake for dessert, a good night was had by all!

The following morning we were up early so I could pack my bag, as Eva and I were flying to Melbourne for a Ladies Luncheon at Donovan’s’ on the Beach, St Kilda. Julie, Eva’s friend was at the airport to pick us up and deliver us to the pedicurist! Apparently needed before Lunch. ( Eva’s idea!) After a very long lunch we wandered along the promenade and then back to the car for the drive to our motel in the city centre. We rested for a short while then off we went to take in the sights of Melbourne . . . South Bank, Crown Casino, China Town, and then Julie saw the horse and carriage and decided that I needed to see Melbourne from the carriage, it was now 10.30pm, so off we went and had the driver drop us near the Hyatt where Eva wanted a cocktail to finish off our day! Sipping cocktails in a dark fire lit room with candles flickering was beautiful but mid conversation Julie and I noticed the sleeping Eva. So we decided to call it a night! Next day we shopped til we dropped and then Julie took us back to the airport for the flight home and into the arms of our waiting husbands.

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  1. Tina & Richard Simm

    Hi Karen and Alan,

    We are home now and what a contrast in the weather 41 degrees here today. We would like to thank you both again for you hospitably aboard the beautiful Opal Lady, you made us feel most welcome. It was lovely to meet Eva and Duncan, we had a fantastic time. Thankyou for your advice on the Gordon River cruise we went first class and thoroughly enjoyed it, worth every cent, we also did the railway trip. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year love Tina and Richard.

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