Middle of Bass Strait!

39.00.639S – 148.29.300E

By midnight we had enough of the extremely rolly anchorage and decided to pack up the paravanes and leave.

Once around the Island and into clear air we experienced 15-20 knt Northerlies but this was forecast to change to SW early hours of the morning so we plugged away at 1200 RPM giving us 3knt Speed over ground. The seas were large it was definitely sit in your chair weather!! For several hours we took turns snoozing for approx 1.5 hrs each. Now at 11am it is still lumpy, we are just going across the Continental Shelf and the swell is starting to get farther apart. The wind has changed to the SW 10-15 knts so I only hope the seas follow!

We are 109nm SW of Gabo Island and 57nm NE of West Sister Island!

19hours and 56 minutes from Eden at our current speed of 6.9 knts!

Sunshine and heading north!! Yeh!!

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