Hooray!! We’re Off!!

The day has finally come for us to leave on our trip to Port Davey; we untied the mooring lines and departed from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmanian at 12.30pm. All snug in the pilothouse with only 700m visibility, light misty rain, and a light 6knt breeze from the SE, it was the start of another great adventure. Our departure was first planned for the 1st Aug but due to the Southern Ocean / Roaring Forties blowing its head off we delayed for a few days then another Low came over and another delay. With 5 days of Easterlies forecast we should be right to head the 65 nm from Recherche Bay to Port Davey. As we steam at 1442 rpms using 1.5 USG per hour giving us a SOG of 6knts it is very comforting to have a few Cray boats overtake us as we turn to starboard to enter the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. A sign of good weather!

Note: At this pace we would have a 4800nm range!!

We have Duncan and Eva McKenzie joining us onboard their 52’Amel Maramu Ketch. Originally from Melbourne they moved permanently aboard last November and plan to explore like us!

The Preparation

I attracted the attention of the Woolworths Manager and an assistant when I went grocery shopping on Saturday as I filled 3 trolleys with enough food and consumables to last 6 weeks. They helped me get the trolleys to the car and pack it all in. I have it down to a fine art working out how much of everything we require. I just have to work out how to ration Alan with his chocolate bars! Stowing all the gear was the next problem, finding all the little hidey holes around the boat and stowing vegetables and fruit all wrapped in newspaper to help preserve them, although this is not a major problem when the temperature is only 8 – 10 degrees outside. Almost like living in a frig!

The motor, wing engine, generator and water maker had grease and oil changes as well as all the filters were changed. We had a breakdown of the freshwater pump only last week and have to have it replaced. Going without water for a few days made us think how dire the situation would have been if we were somewhere remote so we ordered a spare pump to add to the ships stores.

Tonight we are going to anchor near Rabbit Island at Port Esperance, and the township of Dover. Here at low tide we will be able to collect fresh oysters that will last for a few days in a bucket in the cockpit, with Alan renewing the sea water a couple of times a day.

From Dover we will move to Recherche tomorrow and leave from there 4am Wednesday morning!

Port Davey is a wilderness area, a 7 day walk through National Park, there isn’t any road access, but you can fly in! No shops, No phones, No internet . . . I think! Although I have fitted an antennae booster for the Ericsson W25 so it will interesting to see how far the extended range gets us!

If you don’t hear anything, you know it didn’t get that far!!!


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