Hinchinbrook Island to Yorkeys Knob, Cairns

We enjoyed our time in Sunday Creek, catching up on odd jobs, hunting and gathering trying to get a feed of mud crabs in preparation for the coming week and visits from my very dear friend, Sue and husband Warren as well as Mum and Dad coming aboard.

We did get a few mud crabs, but it definetly took lots of hard work and persistence! The pots played truant on several occasions. Overnight the current must have been that strong that they were swept several miles south in the main channel. After doing a head count and check, this was done at daylight each morning, we then set off in the tinny searching for them! Our thoughts . . a big crab got in and in his efforts to escape he swam the pot into the main channel, each time we retrieved them it was necessary to repair the pots!!! Who knows!

With a few crabs in the fridge and some baking done as well as some maintenance we made our way to Cardwell. This small town is on the mainland at the northern end of Hinchinbrook and has the facilities to reprovision. There is a marina there but as the entrance to this is silted up and requires a high tide to enter, as well as being too far from the shops we decided to anchor off Cardwell and dinghy to the long wharf in front of the town.

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