Hillarys Yacht Club

We have arrived at Hillarys Boat Harbour, just north of Perth and we are tied to the marina preparing to wash and polish the salt from the decks. Our last marina visit was May this year when we left Cairns! So it will be great to use marina water to wash instead of our home made water!

The couple of weeks at the Abrolhus Islands was beautiful, the wildlife throughout the Abrolhus Islands was magnificent.

Above: There are over 100 islands that contain the temporary homes for the Crayfisherman and their families in the cray season, they even have a school out there!! 

On Morley Island, the middle group, we found this sea lion basking in the sun getting warm, as we got closer he was very disinterested in us!

She yawned. . . 

She sat up and had a stretch . . . . 

Then it was back to sunning herself .. . . But she still had one eye on me!!!

As I got closer, she just lifted her head! (Now only .5m away!)

We also found some of the largest Cuttlefish we have ever seen. . .here it’s next to Alans’ size 11 foot!

There were only these bright purple shells on the beach, Morley is one of the uninhabited islands.

Baby birds that were unhappy with our arrival on the beach!

Many birds were out catching their dinner in the clear waters surrounding the islands.

Above: the weight was nearly on his shoulder!!

We moved to the most southern group and on our final day of fishing, we ventured out to a reef 3.5nm east.

On the way we were boarded by Fisheries in 2+m swells!!!! They wanted us to stop and they would just jump from their bow to ours!!! I don’t think so!! When we stop the stabilizers STOP working!! So that meant that they would be rolling and so would we have been!! Alan went to pick them up in the tinny, even though they just wanted to jump still! We were all good, except they informed me that after the 15th Oct until the end of December we were not allowed to have any fin fish on board! So we will have to eat it all!!

We enjoyed 3 different anchorages before leaving for the 200nm trip into Hillarys. Some of the trip was dead calm and some of it we had 6m swells, makes the passage an interesting one! We arrived into the boat harbour 33hrs later.

Hillarys Light on the entrance to the harbour at Sunset.

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