Getting ready for a Bum Clean!

As Monday nears closer we are compiling a variety of items in the lazarette in preparation for our haul out at 7am!! Shock horror! What a ghastly hour of the morning, but we will do it! On the upside, it will be cooler then and as we are doing all the work ourselves, it all helps!

The temperature here in Mackay is 30-32 degrees with 90% humidity, so it should be an exhausting week of hard labour.

We have 20L Antifoul, antifungal additive, thinners, a new set of zincs, sandpaper, masking tape with drop sheet attached (to protect the topsides), brushes and rollers. Alan did ask that I get him a 3′ roller but I have been unable to source one!!!

Once we have been lifted from the water on the travel lift the boatyard will high pressure wash her down. Then we will mask her all up, having learnt from experience. Last time in Hobart we picked up a layer of dust that could only be removed with a buff and polish. Then we will start to remove the shell from the keel coolers and bowthruster and pipes that support the swim platform. We do have Propspeed on the propellors, so this hopefully will mean that they will be OK and only need another coat.

Day 2 should see us ready to apply the first coat of paint, fingers crossed! Day 3 should involve a second coat around the waterline and fitting the new zincs(annodes), 11 in total and checking the annodes in the stabiliser fins, although we expect them to be new still. Our final job will be to polish the waterline before being lifted back into the water.

That’s the plan, we will see how our week goes!

Most importantly I have food and plenty of cakes (I’ve baked this week) ready to feed us for the week.

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    Hi U2

    sounds like fun, wish I was there but have the works conference in Tasi this weekend, fly out Thursday until Sunday, rest fly home, Joe & I have hired a car to travel around the next week. Take care,
    Good news, Jess and Adam, having a girl and they got engaged the other Sunday 13th Feb. no plans at the moment except to have a health bub.

    take care
    XXXX Liz

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