Blowing Dogs off Chains!

All night and all day we have experienced high winds with some even stronger gusts. 49 knots was the highest that we saw on the instruments, as we felt the gust hit the boat, we would then run to the pilothouse to read the instruments, so I’m sure they were stronger! As we slept this morning Tony (Westwind N40) called the local VMR to let them know about a small yacht that broke it’s mooring in front of us and drifted down the bay just missing Opal Lady. Later in the day, out came the sun briefly, then a huge thunder and lightening display followed by heavy rain and SNOW!!! Tomorrow we plan to go up the Gordon River, thats if the visibility has improved. I was designated to run the radio sched tonight as Jeremy ( Rosinate – Radio Relay Vessel) was up the Gordon River and couldn’t contact everyone. The fleet is still split, some of the yachts that are still in Stanley have decided to sail back down the East coast to Hobart. Hoping tomorrow brings fairer breezes!

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