Arrival at Primrose Sands, Hobart! 1/2/09

We arrived at Schouten Passage at 3pm and decided to drop anchor at Moreys Bay. It had been 3 days and 12 hours since leaving Pittwater and been at sea, taking turns sleeping 2 or 3 hours at a time. So we were really ready for a good nights sleep! We had an early start, 5am, to allow us to arrive at the Denison Canal at high tide. Passing between Maria Island and the mainland, we had stunning scenery. High mountains and rolling countryside mostly uninhabited. This is a short cut rather than going down and around the Tasman Peninsular. We were informed the payment for opening the swing bridge at Dunalley was $1 and a few cold beers!! So Alan got the bag ready to pass across to the bridge keeper, but no one appeared. There were 2 other small runabouts that went through at the same time and there weren’t any exchanges! Once through we travelled north west, stopping briefly to do a spot of drift flathead fishing, then to Primrose Sands and anchored off the white sand beach at the base of Tony(Alans’ fishing mate) and Michelles’ house. If they looked off their verandah they would see us!! It has been a sunny day once the fog lifted this morning, but the temperature is chilly, we were digging out the warmer clothes and even had to find socks for the toes! The doors have been shut to keep the heat in! After our voyage the whole boat is covered in a thick layer of salt, tomorrow the bucket and broom will need to come out! We will stay here a day or two before heading to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania in readiness for the start of the cruise. Look on the photos page for visionof the trip down!

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