Winter is fading. . . .

We have returned to Opal Lady and left the cosy fire of our temporary hillside hideaway in Tasmania. We are busy catching up on boat jobs, visiting family and friends and yesterday we had a very different experience . . . . .. . .

My Mum and Dad are grey nomads and for 6mths of the year they travel north in their Winnebago motorhome to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, whilst Dads pride and joy, his 26′ Caporn with its high power 165hp super turbo charged Volvo engine sits in it’s marina pen. Like any boat, it shows its dislike by not working so good when you come back. So with this in mind, and a beautiful day ahead, we drove to the eastern side of the lake to ‘take it for a spin’.

Well, what a cultural shock, as we cruised out of the marina and opened up the throttle, we realised why we LOVE our beautiful Nordhavn!!!

Hey Dad, Where are the stabilisers??? With the iphone on speaker, Dad on the line, who couldn’t hear as it was tooooo noisey, we opened the throttle further (of course, all while Dad was giving us instructions) by now we had it at 3800 rpms with a speed of 32 MPH!!! Me: “It’s tilting to starboard”, Yep, that’s right!! said Dad. We adjusted the leg and continued up on the plane, we suddenly both realised how much we appreciate the style and design of our Nordhavn. Thankfully it was a calm day! We stopped the motor, which made it easier to talk, and drifted while we boiled the kettle and enjoyed afternoon tea at one of my favourite childhood fishing spots, Fishing Point. Dads’ father used to take us there many times when we were children.

SO for anyone that is coming from ANY semi to light displacement boat and thinking of a Nordhavn, it is completely different, NO noise, total stability, you can walk around with your solid boat under you, there is no rocking from side to side as you move around the boat. I could go on, but won’t, it is just a whole different world!!! I would encourage anyone thinking of a Nordhavn to go on board and FEEL it!

We have now been in the marina for the best part of three months and we will do a cost analysis, which we will post soon to show the cost difference between ‘living on the move’ and ‘living at rest’!

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