Winter begins!

The first week of June, the first week of winter and the rain has been falling for most of the week. Alan has spent most of this past week snuggled on the corner lounge in the saloon trying to recover from a head cold, not happy to keep it to himself he has shared it with me. Yes it is a swine of a flu, but not Swine Flu!!

The rain has been welcomed by the farmers, and the landscapes are looking very fresh after the washdown. So is Opal Lady! The pilothouse looks like a Chinese laundry as I hang everything on hangers from the beautifully crafted stainless handrail we had added. But by morning everything is dry and ready to put away.

For those asking about fuel consumption here are some figures that we have taken from our log.

Whilst underway with a slight head current, a bit over 1/3 fuel, full water tanks and no wind, we were using at :-

1500 rpm 1.7 U.S Gallons Per Hour /6.43 L 6.3 Knots 1 USG = 3.78 L

1600 rpm 1.9 “ / 7.19 L 6.6 Knots

1700 rpm 2.3 “ / 8.70 L

1800 rpm 2.7 “ /10.22 L

1900 rpm 3.4 “ /12.87 L

2000 rpm 4.0 “ /15.14 L 7.6 Knots

2100 rpm 4.7 “ /17.79 L

2200 rpm 5.5 “ /20.81 L 8.0 Knots

2300 rpm 6.6 “ /24.98 L 8.3 Knots

Of the 526.5 hours on the motor, we have spent 320 hours @ 1900 rpms and the remainder @ 1600rpms. Now the majority of the time we cruise at 1600 rpms. We have travelled 2858 nm in 5 mths. Our generator has 559.2 hours on it.

The clouds and rain are expected to clear later next week!! Meanwhile we are still at the marina!

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