Tropical Cyclone Anthony

We await the first of two cyclones to pass, the first to the north of us, around Bowen expected tomorrow or early Monday morning. The second is forecast to pass to the south, near Gladstone on Wednesday. Other than removing our awning from the bow we are all Ok sitting safely within the high rock walls of the marina, snuggled up with the aircon keeping us cool. The largest tidal range on the East Coast is just south of Mackay at 9 metres, so at low tide we are well protected behind the rock wall. We can take the local bus into town for a fresh load of vegetables and the odd groceries and generally staying in touch.

I have enjoyed my time with Ruth and her 5 beautiful children, taking them to the Lagoon whilst Alan helped pack her up for her move back to Newcastle. The Lagoon is situated in the heart of the shopping precinct, it is man made to replicate a beautiful tropical lagoon nestled amongst palm trees, free to enter and fully patrolled by lifeguards. The kids had a ball as did I.

From the left: Luis, Zack, Bella, Micah and Eli – I was treading water to take this one!

Hence the water on the lens.

Luis 9yrs and I with twins, Bella & Micah 3yrs

Twins Eli & Zack, 7yrs

A special few days!

On a different note, thanks to the Australian Government our free to air Digital TV viewing has improved out of sight as they have turned on the VAST Satellite system. We had a new receiver box installed and then applied for a travellers’ license to view the channels. It utilizes our existing satellite dish, with no monthly fees!! Crystal clear every time, no matter where we go!!

For now we will keep everyone updated on T/C Anthonys’ progress.

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