The week following. . .

The hustle and bustle at the yacht club has subsided with the locals all cleaned up and gone home, the Geelong group have headed off after reprovisioning and are continuing their circumnavigation, whilst a few like us are still around doing little jobs and enjoying being in one place for a while.

Last night we were invited by fellow cruisers, Maa Malmi


Custom Avatar 52- full time cruisers from Seattle, US to join them for dinner along with Eva and Duncan from Lemaris

an Amel Maramu 53’ ketch who have also recently moved aboard fulltime. We were served a beautiful Roast Lamb and red wine with a grape, dark chocolate and meringue dessert. Wonderful night!

We have had visits from some of Alans’ family, Beth and Bill took us shopping for a new laptop and a few other bits and pieces. Alan has been doing little jobs that he hasn’t had a chance to do since leaving Brisbane. Today he has mounted the BBQ on the stern!

The weather has been not bad, cool in the mornings and evenings but nice and warm in the middle of the day.

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