The Twelve Apostles

The harbour was dark and quiet as we motored out past the gas rig in Portland Bay and the 30nm toward Port Fairy.

It was indeed an ideal day for us to be traveling, nice and calm! As the day wore on, the seas became flatter and as we neared the entrance to Port Fairy we decided to continue, here we said farewell to Scarlett as they went into Port Fairy and from there, they were going to Melbourne at the northern end of Port Phillip Bay.

Port Campbell was the next anchorage but one that the locals all advised against! We could see why! When we arrived there, it was less than a mile to the shore through a narrow entrance with a swell running either side.

This was obviously a popular spot with the board riders!

The look on the faces of the surfers and fishos as we negotiated the entrance in, showed utter amazement to see a boat in there, we did a circle and went out!! This could only be attempted on such a calm day!

Decision made, we would continue along the shoreline where the magnificent natural rock formations of The Twelve Apostles were, then not wanting to waste a perfectly flat sea we continued overnight the 77nm to King Island.

The sun was low in the sky which made the photo opportunity too good to miss, we past only 300 m away from the formations for the 10nm stretch of coastline. The scenic flight planes were buzzing low over us, and we could see the tourists high up, at the lookouts. It was indeed a spectacular afternoon!!!

Some of the formations have fallen victim to the ferocious Southern Ocean, but their bases are still visible!

There are more photos of these magnificent limestone structures at

We look forward to flying over The Twelve Apostles at some stage! It’s on the list!!

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