The Breakaway Cruise contd.

Draftboard Shark – The only thing caught in the craypots!

2. The Abalone 3. The wave from the whale near Acteon Island 

Tuesday 26th May – We had a few days of enjoying the tranquillity of Port Esperance as the temperatures slowly dropped and the winds were still blowing out in the bay but we were well protected here. 

Wednesday 27th May – MaaMalni headed back to Hobart as they had several problems that needed fixing, the weather has closed in with very cloudy skies and the temperatures still going down and the odd light shower, we will be staying here until the weekend catching up with necessary paperwork and housework after all our socialising over the past couple of weeks.

Thursday 28th May – Our plan was to leave and head 20nm to The Duck Pond, this is roughly ½ way back to Hobart, BUT dark skies, drizzly light rain and the temperature that had gone down to 8 degrees C changed our mind. By mid afternoon the drizzle had stopped and the sun peeked through the clouds, so we made a dash to shore to collect oysters. What we both forgot about was the state of the tide! We pulled the dinghy up the shore on Rabbit Island and walked with our bucket, screwdriver and large wrench through the bush to the other side of the island where the oysters thickly covered the foreshore. That is when we realised that the water still covered all the oysters. Darkness falls very early now, by 4.45pm it was dark, Alan is now in the cockpit shucking oysters for our entree and I have crumbed some flathead fillets that I pulled from the freezer. Seafood Night!

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