South Australia- Ceduna to Coffin Bay

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Due to our very busy social schedule I have not had the time to update the blog BUT I will be getting there this week!! Check out the front page and it will have a shortened up to date report!

During the night at St Francis Island, the wind turned to the NE and made the bay very lumpy and sleep was not easy!

The 30nm to Cedunna was pleasant although the southerly wind had increased throughout the trip to 30knts, but no seas as we had protection from the numerous islands.! We tied alongside the Town Jetty with Scarlett rafted to us. It was to be a very quick garbage run and shop as the safety of the boats tied to the wharf was questionable. In Craig words “if it wasn’t for rust the jetty wouldn’t be there!!!” They have recently reinforced the raft up section with a few new timbers, but still. . .

Alan and Craig stayed with the boats as Kerri and I raced around the supermarket, then back to the jetty. We formed a human chain to get the groceries down from the high jetty and across the boats. Quickly we motored across the bay to beneath Thevenard Point and anchored in 3m of water, side by side to shelter from the strong winds.

Cedunna is known for it’s beautiful fresh oysters grown in crystal clear waters.There are also fish farms down this stretch of the coast, mostly oysters, but also Tuna, scallops and of course, loads of Cray fisherman!

Scarlett said farewell to their crew member Jo, and then made their way to the nearby Thevenard Wharf to fuel up. Here they met some locals that offered help with the shore based jobs of provisioning and getting their washing done. Whilst we were getting the tinny off the boat deck, Alan kicked his leg on the bracket and deeply punctured it. After applying pressure and placing a bandaid in position, I had him laying horizontal until the colour returned to his face. Meanwhile the phone was ringing, it was Craig to see where we had got to, as we were to meet him at the jetty. Story told and ‘She’ll be right, Alan’ got in the tinny for the mile trip to the jetty where Craig, asked all the relevant questions, as doctors do!! He then assessed that it would be fine without a stitch but he would dress it later in the day!

For the photos see…/Entries/2011/12/14_Day_222_-_Thevenard_Wharf_at_Ceduna_and_Questions_Answered.html

Marty drove Craig and ourselves around the town, helping us fill our wish lists. We needed a piece of hose and some washers (to try and fix the troublesome water pump. . .still!!) at the Hardware store, which was a few k’s from the town centre, and we also wanted some of the renowned oysters of this area. Peter, from the Local VMR suggested that we also come around to Thevenard Wharf to stay overnight. Thanks Peter and Marty for your hospitality!

At 6am the next morning the guys on the tugs tooted their horn as they passed us to signal that they were heading out to bring a ship in and this meant we had to be gone! Alan and I were already on deck with the lines free and ready to depart, Scarlett were a little slower.

The trip through the sand banks and south to Streaky Bay was pleasant and perfectly calm for the 60nm, we put the anchor down in front of the town wharf at 5pm, with Scarlett dropping theirs an hour later.
The Streaky Bay Foreshore Park

It rained the next morning and we took advantage of the overcast morning and slept in. A trip to the shops again for a few last minute things, a gas bottle to fill and a look at the replica of the Great White Shark caught by rod and reel in 1990 weighing 1,500kg and 5m long, this massive shark was a world record catch and was caught on 24kg line! A replica is now mounted in the local Service Centre.

As well as a thriving fish industry, they also mine Monumental Granite from here, that has been used in Adelaide and Canberra Parliament houses’.

I visited the local butcher and bought a bag bigger than I could carry, but with old fashioned country service Wayne offered to carry it to my car, short explanation later and he said he was coming down to the Streaky Bay Hotel after work for a drink and would deliver it to the boat. Alan went and picked him up for the 1 stubby trip out. We followed him back to the pub for the raffles, a drink and dinner, I even won a monster chook!!

With an ideal weather window we left the following morning for Venus Bay- Port Kenny. The scenery on the way was magnificent with high deep orange cliffs of granite, there were storms to seaward of us that menaced Whyalla later that day with large hail damaging winds and rain. But other than a five minute burst of 30-40knts, we missed it all!

The entrance to the port is well marked with leads high on the cliffs ahead, turning to port once in the wharf is to starboard with the fishing fleet trawlers tied alongside. We anchored at 4.30 just north of the wharf. Scarlett followed a way back but they had caught a nice tuna on the way, so we went over at happy hour so Alan could give them a filleting lesson and the boys a crab pot setting lesson to use up the tuna bits and pieces. Sadly they only caught small sand crabs.

Next day we had a visit from Ross from the Caravan Park on the waterfront near us! He was only telling his mate the day before about Nordhavns, and then we moored in the bay the following day. He chatted for a while and we gave him a few DVDs to watch and invited him back for a cuppa, but he was unable to get someone to look after the park.

The monster chook was prepared with lots of roast veges for a pre trip dinner with Scarlett. Dinner was all over and by 6pm the anchors were up and in perfect conditions (for us!!) we went overnight to Coffin Bay.

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