Safely Moored at RYCT!

The days have passed quickly since arriving here Tuesday. Alan and Tonys’ fishing trip on Monday afternoon was very successful, a total of 70+ fish caught and they only kept 1/2. This provided us with several beautiful feeds of Flathead fillets, the remainder landed in the freezer. Whilst they were fishing the wind changed direction and was blowing in on us, so with all systems ready to go when Alan returned we pulled the anchor and like Lake Macquarie were able to head straight across to the secluded bay opposite, although this one had a nice sandy beach. Early next morning we were away early for the 25nm trip up the Derwent River. We were blown away with the magnificent scenery once again, as we rounded the Iron Pot and headed for Hobart. As you travel upstream you can see Mt Wellington with the city in the foreground, although we could only see the bottom half as the clouds were sitting over the top half, hopefully before we leave I am able to get a photo minus the clouds. We turned to starboard just after the Wrest Point Casino and the yacht club filled the bay. Once at the Yacht Club the Bosun directed us to our berth, on the right just as you enter the gates of the marina and close to all the action. We have become the topic of many conversations and onlookers all day. For us we have had a prime spot to view the parade of vessels coming and going from the fuel wharf just ahead of us, especially all the beautifully restored Wooden Boats coming for the Wooden Boat Festival which commences tomorrow with the Parade of Sail at 12 noon. All the family have been invited tomorrow to join us when we follow the Parade up the Derwent from the Iron Pot to Constitution Dock. There are several Tall Ships arriving and the display should be great! I should get some good pics! Also further out on the outer walls of the marina is a Nordhavn 55 Skie and a N78 Voyager III. Yesterday also saw a visit from Tony and Lyn Peach Nordhavn 40, Westwind. They were very helpful as they are locals and took me to the supermarket close by and delivered me back to the marina shopping in hand. Last night we Happy Houred and Dined with Peter and Mark from Skie ( Spending Kids Inheritance Early).

The weather today has been a mixed bag, strong winds from all points of the compass and temperatures to match!

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