Parade of Sail.

The morning started cold and overcast, it was all hands on deck as the family were arriving early and the domestic chores had to be completed. By 10am everyone was aboard and we started with a tour of the boat, then cuppas all round. The sun had started to peek through as Alan untied the lines from the dock and I motored through the maze of moorings in the bay. Since we were here two years ago the RYCT has extended their marina with another 2 arms further out. Lots of photos were being taken as we past the Wrest Point Casino. Along the western bank of the Derwent rising steep into the hillside were numerous very large homes most with glass fronts. We made our way down to the Iron Pot to join all the Tall Ships as they made their way towards Constitution Dock. The sun came out on que as the Parade gained momentum. The mass of boats increased the closer we got to the dock, and they were all jockeying for the best position closest to the Tall Ships, James Craig and The Young Endeavour. At the end of the parade we continued on and anchored upstream of the bridge for lunch. The afternoon flew by and it was soon time to up anchor and return to our berth. The visitors left as they had and 1 1/2 hour trip home. Alan and I washed the salt from the deck before we retired for Happy Hour! Photos of Parade of Sail on the photos


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