Montys’ Bar and Resort

We left Woodwark Bay with the outgoing tide and made the journey to Gloucester Island in 5.45 hrs. I christened the new Breadmaker on the way as well as baking a batch of Rock Cakes. After arriving at the northern end of the island we travelled south looking for shelter from the wind and swell. It is a little different as we had been travelling WNW all day, unusual when travelling north along the east coast. Finally we went to check out the state of the wind in Gloucester Passage. The passage is well marked and to our surprise it was flat calm and only blowing 4 knts! Although it was shallow and not suitable to put our flopper stoppers out,¬†we thought we would try it out for 1 night. There were already7 yachts anchored here, so it can’t be that bad, surely!!

Once anchored I noticed that the yacht in front was from Newcastle and its name rang a bell!! ‘Lets Go!’

I looked at the vessel sheet for the Louisiade Rally and they were on it! After settling in we bagged the remainder of the Rock Cakes and went over to visit. Alyn and Danielle are from Port Stephens and we chatted for the afternoon over a few cold ones before we all headed into Montes Bar to join the other yachties for Happy Hour and then enjoyed a beautiful Reef and Beef meal!

We staggered back to the boat at 10pm, barely able to find her as we hadn’t put the anchor light on before leaving at 3pm! Must remember that next time!

The following morning the sun shone, and as the anchorage had been beautiful and calm throughout the night we decided to stay and catch up on the washing. Lately every anchorage has been that windy that keeping the washing on the lines strung on the boat deck has been tricky. In the last month I have lost several items from the boat deck lines! Unfortunately a favourite pair of 3/4 pants!!! We also decided to wait for the slack tide and dive under the boat using the hookah unit to remove the growth that had built up on the skin fittings! This job exhausted both of us as we had to hang onto a rope that we had tied onto the bow. We have made a mental note to next time have Propspeed put on all the skin fittings and importantly the Stainless Steel Poles that support the swim platform as we had a real garden growing here! At least we manage to clean up the port side, we will endeavour to do the starboard side at Cape Bowling Green.

The weather was perfect, 29 degrees and sunshine at last!

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