How quick 3 weeks fly!!!

The weather has been fantastic for the entire three weeks. We had Barry and Lynette join us for the Cruising Divisions’ St Patricks Irish night at the Duckhole, down the southern end of the lake on our first weekend home. A good night was had by all. I cooked Irish food to take ashore for dinner that consisted of appetiser of fried Black Pudding, dinner of couse had to be Irish Stew and dessert of Irish Apple Cake. Barry and Alan thought that the evening needed a little spark or two!! So they gathered wood and lite a cosy fire just as the rain started to fall. It wasn’t long and I saw flashing lights in the distance and then the two large headlights of the local fire brigade were on us all!! They saw that we were looking after the fire and we offered them some green cakes so they too could get in the spirit of the night. Not half an hour later and the flashing headlights were returning but this time it was a different station and they requested some i.d from someone as the Police had also been called! Alas Alan appeared to be the only one with a wallet and licence on him or just that the others didn’t own up to it!!! After also accepting refreshments they departed as the rain became steady. This sent most people back to their boats. Our cruise back to the F Jetty was very pleasant and we picked up the public mooring at the back of Pulbah Island to sit whilst we enjoyed a Smoked Tassie Salmon for lunch.

The week flew by and after spending Saturday morning baking in readiness for my 3 boys to arrive for some quality time

and now we find ourselves having to leave Lake Macquarie and head north. I have kept a constant eye on the weather for the past week in preparation for the hops that we intend making up the coast. If all is well we are leaving on Saturday morning with Mum and Dad on board for the 39nm mile trip to Port Stephens, the home of Game Fishing. A light south westerly wind is forecast which would mean it is on the stern and should provide us with an easy ride.

13nm North east of Swansea is Newcastle which is a major coal loading port, the best ship parking lot along the east coast. The AIS will give us a more accurate number but it is likely to be in excess of 25 ships anchored and waiting.

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