Hauling Out 2013

The fun begins!!

Above: Hauling Out 2011, Mackay QLD

Tomorrow is Haul Out Day

and the lead up process has been hectic to say the least!! Our last major haul out was in Mackay March 2011, and then we had a 2 hour lift in Fremantle WA in early November 2011 to wash her down, just to ensure a clean bottom and top boat speed after so many months in tropically warm water. Normally we would dive and do this but the incidence of shark attack in WA had escalated and one man had already lost his life only a few nautical miles away and we lost all incentive!! Sadly by the end of that summer another 2 lives were lost.

Today we moved back on board for the night, so we don’t have to get up quite so early tomorrow morning and drive here. The lift is scheduled for 10am. We are not able to stay onboard in the yard here.

We have spent the afternoon removing all the external covers, washing down the exterior ready for our son Nathan, who is our professional polisher to start as soon as we are high and dry! It was a very good idea, when he was 15 and looking at a school based apprenticeship, that I steered him in the boat building direction!! Very handy!!

The planning has entailed detailed lists and preparation.

Paint, tick!!

The Fire Suppression Unit had its service on Friday, and the 4 other fire extinguishers throughout the boat will be replaced tomorrow.

The last of the zincs arrived Friday and will be delivered to the yard tomorrow. There is a total of 12 Zincs. Bow Thruster (2), Main Shaft, Wing Engine Shaft, Spur Line Cutter, Stabilizer Fins(2), Main Hull (3) and Keel Cooler (2).

The liferaft will be taken tomorrow for its service and the anchor and chain will be offloaded and taken to be regalvanised.

All the seacocks needed to be turned to internal tanks, this stops any accidental water escaping from any outlet which may potentially damage any new paint below. We have emptied all our holding tanks to lighten the load on the travel lift.

Last week we made the trip to the local hardware store to stock up on accessories, sandpaper, brushes, trays, masking tape, gloves etc.

The Watermaker was flushed, as it will be a week before we get back in the water.

Cakes, Caramel Tarts for morning tea, tick! Lunch organised, tick!!

We are at Marmong Point Marina if any local people want to have a look while she is out??

Now we need to pray for fine weather all week, fingers crossed!!!

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