Getting Closer!

Another email came today with important information to help us plan Opal Ladys’ arrival. The plan at the moment is she with be loaded onto a ship on the 13th December and have an estimated arrival of 8-10 days later(right on Santa time), then after the Quarantine Guys get to decide if she has to be fumigated ( if this has to happen then it will delay us approx 48hrs)from here Peter and his team will start to go through their checklist of items, running all motors and the aircon under load etc and try to identify any defects with all the systems, she also will have a preliminary washdown as the trip over would have very dirty. Somewhere her Christmas or New Year are going to interupt proceedings but as soon as the hols are over they will be back into it. For us there will be an owners checklist to check off one by one to ensure that we have gone through everything. Once we have ticked all the boxes then we can sign the boat off and she will officially be ours! Only then can we have the electronics installers commence (approx a weeks work) and for us we will start moving house, and putting our gear onboard. This process should be completed by mid January. That’s the plan, just hoping that all goes to plan.

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