Fleet BBQ

Having left from Mill Bay yesterday, but not until we had painstakingly bought the anchor up foot by foot, washing it down as it was heavily caked with thick sticky mud. All this happened in between the showers that were coming over in waves. Then it was a 3hr trip to the southern end of Macquarie Harbour and the mouth of the Gordon River, from here it took another 3.5hrs to reach St Johns Falls and the end of navigateable river. You could continue in a smaller tender but the rain was still falling and neither of us wanted to get wet! So we did a few 360’s and went back downstream hoping to find one of the landings along the way vacant, but, No such luck!! with the 3knt of river flowing we arrived at Kelly Basin just before sunset, and an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views around us! We had a sleep in today before heading back to Strahan for tonights Fleet BBQ at the local sailing club. it was the first time for both the Hobart and Geelong fleets got together. The weather is still a hot topic, especially as the trip to Port Davey is 100nm and for most boats would be a 12 plus hour trip! I very much doubt that we will have any phone or internet down there but!!! You never know! Port Davey is a restricted area and a Marine National Park. Keep a lookout for the photos when wew get back into range! I will post an update as we leave here. Tomorrow will be shopping day here in Strahan before departing Saturday or Sunday.

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