Fishing Photos

Fishing Photos

Our love of fishing whether we are traveling by land or sea is evident by the amount of time we actually spend fishing.  This page will be dedicated to all the fish that we catch with 95% thrown back!

We arrived at Petticoat Bay on Cape Barren Island in Bass Strait on Friday 30th March 2012  to await a suitable weather window to cross Bass Strait, before we put the tinny back on the boat deck, we had a little fish and caught this 700mm Flathead plus another 2 x  450mm Flathead and 2 large squid. We were very happy!!!

Southern Ocean Tuna FishingMarch 2012

Nathan (son No 2) came to Tasmania to catch a Tuna, luckily the sea saw fit, the only one!!!

Abrolhus Islands
 26 September – 16th October 2011
Wann Islet in the Wallaby Group.
Flinders Group Qld
 Atkinson Reef, Blackwood Island
 & Magpie Reef      24,25/5/2011
Low Isles – 8nm from Port Douglas
We fed the Pacific Spadefish/Batfish that came up to the back of the boat whilst I was preparing lunch. totally amazing!!
Whitsundays to Cairns
April 2011
We picked my 3 sons, Justin, Nathan and Brendon from Hamilton Island Airport and left in search of fish on our way north to Cairns over a 2 week period!
Cairns to Mackay
November 2010
The Louisiades – Sept/Oct 2010
The most amazing fishing experience!
Goldsmith Island – Whitsundays
June 2010
2008 & 2009 Fishing Photos
From Karumba in the north to Tasmania in the south!