Finally depart the Marina!

What a weekend, 50 – 60knt Westerlies blowing straight off the snow on Mt Wellington and heavy rain! It was enough to keep us inside for the weekend. Alan watched the Aussie rules football and I baked Lemon Cookies, a Raisin and Cherry Slice as well as stocking the deep freeze with soup and casseroles, in between attempting to fix both laptops with Virus protection! At least the oven kept the cabin warm.

Monday morning arrived and there were clear blue skies, mirror flat water and sunshine. I ventured to the supermarket whilst Alan did his checks on all 4 engines ( Lugger, Yanmar, Yamaha and Suzuki) and the generator in preparation for leaving tomorrow.

Not all the shopping had been put away, seeing we weren’t expecting any rough weather on the way I would be able to pack enroute. We managed to leave the marina at 10.30am. 2 other vessels were following as we motored down the Derwent River leaving Hobart City behind us. What another magic day!! The temperature was only 15 degrees C, sun shining and a 5knt NW but inside the pilothouse it was warm and cosy! The only ripples on the river were those that came from a few passing boats. As we entered the D’Entrecasteaux Channel we could see the vehicular ferry crossing from Bruny Island to Kettering. Kettering is a small bay that is jam packed with marinas, slipways and moored boats, the high mountains surround it and make it an ideal safe harbour.

 I am still asking the question??? Why are we here through winter??? Having not experienced winter for 5 years, it comes as quite a shock! 29nm in 5hours had us arriving at The Quarries by 3.30pm. It is a quiet bay on South Bruny Island with a rocky shoreline, plenty of ducks and swans in the shallows, and heavily treed banks, perfect for an overnight anchorage. The water temperature is only 12degrees C. Le Maris-52’ an Amel Yacht from Melbourne, with Duncan and Eva on board followed us in and anchored nearby. They attempted to sail but as there was very little wind, the sails went up and then down an hour later, he must have wanted some exercise!! Maa Malmi- 50’ Custom Avatar from Seattle is a few hours behind us and will most likely catch up tomorrow. We have been named the official cruise leaders for our “Break Free Cruise”, as it was our idea to leave. Tony and Lyn on Westwind, Nordhavn 40 will also be joining us tomorrow.

The aroma of freshly baked bread is wafting from the galley as Alan and I are relaxing in the pilothouse with some music playing and a rum in our hands. The sun is now setting at 4.45pm!

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