Entry to Lake Macquarie!

The night was eventful, a 45′ yacht without sufficient nav lights, no radar reflector came very close before we were able to see it, we then we shone our huge spot light on it and altered course to avert a collision! Three faces pearing out over the stable door of the pilothouse must have looked a sight if the dolphins that were playing under the bow shortly after could see us! They were leaving a white trail through the water as they swam beside us and jumped on the 3 metre waves. The wind picked up to 30 plus knots from the NNW just as we rounded Seal Rocks, the confused waves set a challenge for the stabilisers but they performed beautifully keeping us on an even keel! The next few hours we were kept busy with the constant movement of ships off Newcastle. we have AIS, a sender and receiver of information regarding each ship. More on that later!! We expect to get a 9am bridge at Swansea!!

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