Enjoying the Reef!

We are still at Wann Islet, Abrolhus Is enjoying a well earned break after travelling pretty full on since we left King George River, 1717 nautical miles ago on the 13th August.

The whales have provided some entertainment early one morning, on the outside of the reef near us. Alan went upstairs early to make a cuppa and then came running back with the camera in hand. He thought he would get a bettter photo out of the porthole above our bed.

Note the reef between the whale and us!

Amazing creatures!

The Abrolhus Islands are well known amongst fisherman for being fishing mecca!!

Our second day of fishing was more productive than the first. A WA Dhufish 64cm 5kg, 3 more Bald Chin Groper, a Coral Trout, Treveley and a Mack Tuna. Not all were kept as there is a daily bag limit to adhere to. We also lost twice as many. But it was all fun in only a few hours.

Alan’s first W.A Dhufish

My Bald Chin Groper!

Above: The weigh in, with the international measuring stick!!!

We have been fishing when the weather has allowed us to and the weather out here has been from one end of the spectrum to another.

Above: Looking East, Below: Looking South. . . . .Not nice in any direction!

1/2 hr later the Rainbow appeared!

Since yesterday it has been blowing SW 30-40knts, 2′ wind waves but still no swell inside our protected reef, with showers pelting down at times. There is very little tidal difference here, so the reef height remains the same! I have noticed the drop in air temperature since we arrived here. Now it is only 15-20 degrees and I have found the need to pull out some warmer clothing and Socks!!! We haven’t experienced these temperatures for 18 months!

I’m sure the 95m of chain that we have out is well and truly laid out straight by now! The up side of the wind, the elephant sized birds have stopped visiting and depositing equally sized deposits all over the deck!!!!

Once the seas abate we will move south to the Easter Group 15nm south.

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