Down the West Coast

As we sit here listening to songs from the seventies, enjoying the scenery, and going up and down in the 3 m swells with 20-25 knt Southerly wind, we are making way down the west coast of Tassie at 5knts. Our position is 40 54 849S 144 33 671E.

1 thought on “Down the West Coast”

  1. David Braidwood

    Hi Karen and Alan,

    Enjoying your blog very much and most envious of your trip. Like all these trips not without its “adventures” but all the more worthwhile for them.

    The Lake is still great and the sailing a treat as all ways. Saw your Dad out on Saturday with Noel Davies who is enjoying his 11 metre One Design and sailing it well as you would expect.

    Looking forward to reading more, enjoy. Regards David

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