Arrival At Pancake Creek

You can disregard most of the last post as just as we were approaching Bundaberg on one of Alans engine checks he found that the Shaft Brush was completely worn and needed replacing so we made a bee line for Bundaberg Port Marina in the hope that the chandlery may have one. We did a quick reverse tie up and Alan bolted up the ramp to the chandlery whilst I powered the engine down and turned everything off, by the time I reached the Marina office he was there but alas it was show day holiday and we would need to wait til tomorrow morning to see if they were available here.

It was all to no avail, everyone we spoke to were scratching their heads, they had no idea! It was a rainy overcast day and spent the day relaxing before walking up to the Marina Restaurant for a beautiful Steak and Seafood Dinner and early night in readiness for a 4am start.

The weather forecast for today was for light 10-15 knt westerlies!! Wrong !! We have had 25 + Northerlies for the majority of the day! We are just rounding Clewes Point ready to enter Pancake Creek now.

We have had lines in and out all day as we have passed through several Green Zones (National Park – NO FISHING) and have caught several small bonito, all thrown back!

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