Across Banks Strait

All night we motored with only a brief anchor at Binnalong Bay, thought we may be able to get a few hours sleep, but the sea was rolling in, and sleep was not an option so after an hour we were off. Westwind and Skie caught up and as dawn was breaking we were just about to go through Sealion Passage, to enter the Furneaux Group of Islands. The passage through was hairy, as the wind was against the tide, this made the waves 3 metres high. Keeping the boat speed up we powered through, once inside there were numerous little islands and rocks, sandy little beaches, and loads of birdlife! We followed Westwind (N40) to his favourite anchorage in Kangaroo Bay – Clarke Island where we put the pick down, cooked a big breaky of Bacon and Eggs and then went to bed to catch up on sleep. The afternoon was spent resting and we had a quiet evening. The wind was still blowing a strong Easterly the following morning and Tony had moved across to Dyas Bay on Cape Barron Island to place his Cray Pot and Graball Net out. (Gill net, illegal in NSW). We heard a radio call from a Fargo, a 38′ sloop, also on the cruise, they were doing a circumnavigation of Clarke Island, so I asked if they would like to partake in Scones and Tea. They said they would after they caught a flathead, but the crew mutineed and they were alongside before I had the scones in the oven. They all enjoyed the Cheese Scones and the Plain Scones with jam and cream. 4 blokes on a boat most likely no soap, shower or!!! But we enjoyed meeting them and finding their story! A Hobart boat with 3 locals plus one guy from the UK who flew out to do the trip and they are picking up another chap flying in from US tomorrow to join them at the Tamar. Following this we moved bays and prepared a Roast Lamb dinner for Tony, Roger and Bonny from Westwind, who had spent the afternoon hunting and gathering to no avail. They came across laden with wine and fresh abalone ( Tony dives for these) prepared for entree. Tony promises Crayfish before the end of the trip, and his wife Lyn is arriving tomorrow with Scallops he gathered a few weeks ago. So as you can see we are keeping up the seafood diet! We are currently 40 41 914S, 147 44 645E enroute to the Tamar River. The seas are slight, only a 7knt Easterly and still overcast. Most of the fleet are underway all heading to the Tamar. We will probably anchor overnight at Beauty Point and continue the 40nm to Launceston tomorrow.

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